Ozone Coffee Roasters at Old Street – Great!

I normally visit coffee shops on a weekend but I stayed over my girlfriend’s place during the weekdays to visit coffee shops as a reward for completing  data collection for my thesis. On the Monday I visited Curators and Dose. Following day, I went to Ozone, Coffee Works Project and Ground Control. After Ground Control, I was really jittery from all the caffeine 😦

I had walked pass Ozone before after visiting Salvation Jane but never went in. Through reading Chris Ward’s“Out of Office” and looking at the pictures from the Independent Coffee Guide (2nd Ed), it seems like a nice place to get some work done. I was hoping to get a seat in front of the Barista station as there is a large table to get some work done. When I got off Old Street Station, I was very surprised to see a lot of people in the station as everytime I come (weekends), it is so dead.



Got to Ozone around 8’ish and saw an available seat which I wanted and dropped my backpack at the table before anyone could take a seat there. I ordered filtered coffee and an omellete (pricey). I needed a big breakfast but god the omelette was HUGE. I only managed to finish three quarters of it. Looking for a Post Workout meal? eat that Ozone omellete. This place is really really busy!

DSC01123 DSC01124

Filtered coffee was great and I think this is the ideal type of coffee to order if planning to do some work.

Square Meal
Ozone Coffee Roasters on Urbanspoon


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