Finally went to the third of the T-A-P coffee shop at Wardour Street as I was curious about their cold brew. It did not disappoint and it is perfect for the current hot weather. Served in a chilled used jam jar along with the cute small bottle of coffee. It certainly helps when the jar was icey cold – just like how a martini glass should be … genius. I wonder what was used for the small bottle? It looks very “Aesop” like. Great place to drop by and chill after some shopping at Oxford Street.



They have a variety of snacks and because of I am a banana bread person, theirs is definitely good! Unfortunately, I was still full from my Brunch at Birdhouse earlier. Their coffee is also superb!Image

Their shop at Wardour Street also seemed to be the most spacious one in comparison to the Rathbone and Tottenham Court Road shop.


T-A-P @ 193 Wardour Street (Oxford Circus)

Find it nearer to get here through Oxford Circus (depending where you are)


T-A-P @ 26 Rathbone Place (Goodge Street). Exit and turn right. Walk towards Percy Street (pass the HSBC ATM Machines) and make a right towards the alley.


T-A-P @ 114 Tottenham Court Road via Goodge Street (exit and make a left, walk straight towards Warren Street)

Square Meal
Square Meal
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Square Meal


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