Birdhouse at Clapham Junction

Visited Birdhouse on a rather cold morning back in April. Really liked the layout of the shop and the decor looks clean and great! It has a very Ikea’ish feel (mainly from all the yellow colours I am observing). I brought some work to do and ordered my usual banana bread and coffee. They use Climpson’s and Sons beans here which is great as I have yet to visit the roastery and shop. Image


Last weekend, I decided to try their brunch menu mainly because of their baked eggs which is only served on the weekends. I was lucky to get a seat with my girlfriend and we had the eggs and the french toast. Just Delicious!! The baked eggs was very savoury and  was something I have never tried before. Do note that it takes 15 minutes or shorter for it to be prepared. French Toast was great and not too heavy or super sweet. It was just perfect. Image



Cool Cutlery :o)



Their Menu – They do have wine as well.


The bird picture from the London Coffee Guide book, owner must love birds and yellow :o)


I hope to return in future again for some baked eggs and coffee! I really applaud the owner on the deco and finer details on things such as the cutlery, the water glass bottle and the furniture. It is very pleasing to the eyes and comfortable to have coffee and food. Feels homey at Birdhouse. St John’s Hill residents are very lucky!

Square Meal
Birdhouse. on Urbanspoon


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