Salvation Jane

I have been wanting to try Salvation Jane for awhile as trying to get a table for brunch at their sister shop Lantana can be very difficult. I went to Salvation Jane around 11am on a Saturday and it was half full. Probably came at a good time as the crowd started to pour in as I was about to finish my meal. Image

Brunch was delicious. Had a salt beef hash and my girlfriend had a smoked hot salmon. I just had coffee while my girlfriend had a pomegrenate mojito. I really liked that tomato chilli jam on my food and I wished they could have added more of it :O) Food came promptly but I wished the service could be more snappy when I asked for the bill. Place was half full and I think there were only three individuals manning the whole the cafe. The bill took quite awhile to arrive and I had to be at somewhere else. If the place was full, I think the three waitresses would have a hard time with service.



The cafe is much more spacious than Lantana and they have a great outdoor shaded area which is perfect for the British Summer. I sat indoors and I think the paintings at the wall creates a nice atmosphere to the cafe.


Similar like Lantana, they have a take out section which looks really neat and organised. I suspect that the cafe should be really busy during weekday morning rush hour and lunch as that section was closed during the weekend.

Getting there

Get to Old Street by Tube and walk to City Road. You can also take bus #214 from Kings Cross and it drops you outside of the cafe! Brilliant! Just get off the next stop after the bus announces “Old Street Station”.

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