Caravan at Kings Cross

Went to Caravan last month over at Kings Cross station. Looks weird over google map on what is the best way to get there. Having been to Shrimpy’s before definitely helps in terms of orientation to getting to Caravan. Best way to get there is walk through the road between St Pancras and Kings Cross and keep walking straight ahead till a traffic light. Make a right turn and you will see Granary Square and walk towards there.Image

Came here on a weekend for Brunch and it was really packed. Expect to wait for seats. They will give you a bag of coffee beans I believe and you can seat over the bar to have a drink. Best to make sure that the bean bag is visible so the waiters can find you.


If you are waiting take time to look around the restaurant, they have a huge roaster at the back. While waiting, it is best to decide what you want to order from the menu right away when you get seated. It can be very busy and little bit slow. My coffee took half an hour! Quite disappointed really. It only came after I had finished my mains despite asking twice on where my coffee was!

Food is really good. I had the salt beef and my girlfriend had the crab omellete. Some pictures as I attempted to let the eggs ooze out to my salt beef bubble. Absolutely delicious!Image



It is a very lively place and worth going if you are stuck for ideas on where to have a good meal around Kings Cross area.


This weekend I am going to try head out to Salvation Jane at Shoreditch for Brunch!

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Square Meal


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