Fabulous Cakes at Lanka

Had the opportunity to visit Lanka last month to try out their famed cakes from their Japanese Artisan Baker. They have moved their location from their former Primrose Hill shop to Goldhurst Terrace at Finchley Road Image

They have very limited seating when I went there. Probably 7 individuals the most. I was lucky to have a seat and enjoy cakes and coffee with my girlfriend. They serve Monmouth coffee in the shop. They do not have an espresso machine but use a Hario V60 drip filter to make their coffee.

Ordered the Green Tea Geateau which is one of their popular cakes and a Montblanc cake. Absolutely delicious! Heard their bread and butter pudding is very good as well.


Definitely worth the trip if you are craving for some really good cakes. You will have to pay extra to have your cake there.

Revisited – 19th July 2013

Came back again to Lanka and had some cakes before heading out to a restaurant nearby with my girlfriend and friends. Had their delicious Bread and Butter Pudding. Luckily there was a seat available to dine in The cake was not on their cake display but I enquired about it and they  prepared a piece for me. They have a variety of cakes, I have not tried them all but definitely will try others in future.



Soft and moist Bread and Butter Pudding, was delicious.

Getting there

Tube to Finchley. Head out and walk pass the Waitrose and make a right to Goldhurst Terrace. You can also take bus #13 to get there from Soho.

Lanka on Urbanspoon
Square Meal


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