Coffee at Trendy Shoreditch High Street

Along the trendy area of Shoreditch High Street, you will find lots of vintage clothing outlets, restaurants and fashionistas! I normally come here once a month to get my bagel fix at Beigel Bake. They make some sick bagels, half a dozed for 1.50 Quid. Normally buy a bag of them (do bring your own plastic bags in you plan to store in your backpack or tote or etc), it tends to sweat through the brown paper bag. Be sure you know what you want to order before coming here, if there is queue start checking out what they have at the counter walls. Shopkeepers can be quite agitated if you do not know what you want so when it is your turn “Next Please“, know what to order :D. In a recent issue of Lucky Peach, the editors (David Chang of Momofuku) suggested that the bagels are the best in the world in comparison to Montreal and New York. That is awesome to know. The SALT BEEF BAGEL is a MUST!


I have been to the coffee shops along Brick Lane, Full Stop and Brick Lane coffee but I somehow prefer the ambiance over at All Press. They can be quite packed over the weekend. When I was there, there was still people pouring in even when it was about to close in 10 minutes. Had coffee and a bag of beans to bring back to Oxford.  I had never personally tried the food before because  I rather have my Salt Beef Bagel 😛







Standing near their grinder, that is their 3KG bean bag.



You can spend a good half day around this area either shopping, sight seeing (lots of wonderful wall Graffiti!) and food. There is also BOXPARK with lots of small shops. I highly recommend dropping by here and getting some bagels back. Worth bringing your camera as I have snapped up these last weekend along RedChurch Street.



Essential Info

Address: 58 Redchurch St, Shoreditch, Greater London E2 7DP
Phone:020 7749 1780
Monday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Tuesday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Wednesday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Thursday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sunday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Happy Valentines Day! :)

Damn I have barely updated the blog, been too busy lately with studies and all 😦 It has been a very stressful 3rd year so far in the DPhil. I hope to update the blog again when I have the time. Last winter, I went back home and visited Melbourne and Singapore. Great coffee places there! Hope I will have time to write a little about them.

I recently been clearing some stuff and finally looked at how many cups I have collected from 2013. I also need a new corkboard soon! Again this year, I hope to go to more places although I have less time to do so. Probably easier if I stayed in London. Some places are really difficult to get to unfortunately.






Ozone Coffee Roasters at Old Street – Great!

I normally visit coffee shops on a weekend but I stayed over my girlfriend’s place during the weekdays to visit coffee shops as a reward for completing  data collection for my thesis. On the Monday I visited Curators and Dose. Following day, I went to Ozone, Coffee Works Project and Ground Control. After Ground Control, I was really jittery from all the caffeine 😦

I had walked pass Ozone before after visiting Salvation Jane but never went in. Through reading Chris Ward’s“Out of Office” and looking at the pictures from the Independent Coffee Guide (2nd Ed), it seems like a nice place to get some work done. I was hoping to get a seat in front of the Barista station as there is a large table to get some work done. When I got off Old Street Station, I was very surprised to see a lot of people in the station as everytime I come (weekends), it is so dead.



Got to Ozone around 8’ish and saw an available seat which I wanted and dropped my backpack at the table before anyone could take a seat there. I ordered filtered coffee and an omellete (pricey). I needed a big breakfast but god the omelette was HUGE. I only managed to finish three quarters of it. Looking for a Post Workout meal? eat that Ozone omellete. This place is really really busy!

DSC01123 DSC01124

Filtered coffee was great and I think this is the ideal type of coffee to order if planning to do some work.

Square Meal
Ozone Coffee Roasters on Urbanspoon

Get your Dose at Barbican

After leaving Curators, I walked to Dose Espresso. The coffee place is small and has limited seats. I liked the white and red deco combination of the shop. I had a good guest espresso and a delicious almond brownie.

DSC01114 DSC01113


It is not too difficult to find places to have great coffee from Oxford Circus to Clerkenwell as there are numerous independent coffee shops. However, you will struggle to find decent ones in the busy business area of London. I am glad I stopped by both Dose and Curators. It shows that a small cafe can be highly successful. Whether you want coffee to go or a quick espresso, these are excellent places to bring your client or friends. It also makes it easier to decide as there are very few coffee shops in these areas.

Dose Espresso on Urbanspoon


Great Coffee at Monument – Curators Coffee

I normally visit coffee shops during the weekends and this week I had the chance to visit a few shops during the morning rush hour. I decided to visit Curators as it was listed as a Top 30 destination from the London Coffee Guide. Place is really small inside! Fortunately I had a seat at the bench and read two journal articles. Had my usual long black and banana bread to start my day  Both were superb.

Despite it’s size, this shop is really busy! Do not fear the queue, your coffee will be with you.I think it was a good 20 minute stretch of making coffee by the two baristas and I think they handled it very well. While having my coffee, I did feel quite under dressed in some ways as I was just wearing shorts, sneakers and a shirt. Individuals pouring in every minute or so wore very nice suits – including the ladies.

This place is not exactly the best place for those seeking to do some serious work (maybe some can?) due to the limited seating (6 Inside – 2 with no Table) and space but it is a great place for coffee and a conversation. In fact, I  found individuals enjoying their coffee outside when I made my way out. It is well shaded (because of the building) and this is probably the safest outdoor coffee place in London when it starts raining heavily! I have yet to see other coffee places with this much protection from the rain.

Love this Chalk Board!

DSC01110 copy

Location – Monument
9a Cullum Street
London EC3M 7JJ
Mon-Fri 7:30 – 17:00

Great Coffee at Liverpool Street Station – Liberty of Norton Folgate

Dropped by Liberty of Norton Folgate at Liverpool Street Station before heading for lunch at a place nearby. It is impossible to miss this place if you are walking towards Shoreditch High Street. The entire shop  is visible!




There is limited seating inside and seems to be a like place to have a quick chat. The cafe has an almost horizontal sort of layout in comparison to other coffee shops I have visited. They have seats outside currently because of the warm weather. I would imagine that getting a seat inside the shop would be more difficult during the colder months. Great coffee is served and they have an assortment of cakes around the area. Worth dropping by if you are around Liverpool street area.

I like their coffee cup and loyalty card. You can also buy coffee equipment from their website and sign up for their coffee classes.

Location – Liverpool Street Station
Exit Main Escalators – Make a left and keep walking straight

Charming Browns of Brockley

My visit to Browns of Brockley was rather accidental rather than planned. Still unaware of how the overground trains work, was heading back to Imperial Wharf from Shoreditch High Street and had no idea I had to change at Surrey Quays. I was concentrating heavily on my Kingdom Rush iPhone game during the commute. Great game by the way for commuting. When I arrived at Brockley station I knew something was wrong as I was heading South rather than West. Got off and recalled that Browns of Brockley should not be too far from the station. It was conveniently located outside the station. I came late in the afternoon and it was rather quiet. However, I imagine how busy this place could be when people are heading off to work.


It is slightly smaller than I had imagined from reading the London Coffee Guide. Great Square Mile coffee is served using the current blend, Red Brick. Very happy to see banana bread and had a slice 🙂 They have a wide variety of snacks as well. Had I checked their website earlier I would have tried their raspberry friands and chocolate eclairs which are very popular.



Staff are extremely friendly and the cafe has a very laid back and comfortable feel. I can see myself doing some writing for my doctoral work at the cafe. I hope to drop by again someday. Problem is getting there, it is very far 😦 I have planned to visit Brockley’s market in future and will definitely stop by to Brown’s again. I wish they had a loyalty card or their own coffee cup for me to collect.